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Soviet Military History[edit]

Hey Scott,

I meant to let you know this earlier, but it slipped my mind: Military history of the Soviet Union is the Wikipedia:Collaboration of the week, at least for several more hours. You might be interested in having a look at it. Ciao. - RedWordSmith 20:22, Feb 5, 2005 (UTC)

The Living Corpse[edit]

Hey Scott, I was wondering if you had noticed the Tolstoy play, The Living Corpse, on the main page in the DYK section. It's kind of further down on the page, so I couldn't be sure. - RedWordSmith 16:06, Mar 1, 2005 (UTC)

IMAO Entry[edit]

In time past you suported keeping an IMAO article. A new and more apporpriate one has been written. would you weigh in? Imao_blog FlyingSpaceMonkey 22:33, 8 February 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

You commented in the last Article for deletion discussion. This article is up for deletion again.

You are welcome to comment about the discussion for deletion. Ikip 19:03, 3 January 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]