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I'm Scott.

Went to Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. Graduated with a double major in Mathematics and in Computer Science. Worked for over a year at Harris Data Services Corporation designing and writing external interfaces into and out of Air Force computer systems, primarily the Manpower Data Systems system. Then worked as a programmer/analyst at Hollins College in Roanoke, VA, for about a year and a half. Then went to Yokohama Tire Corporation in Salem, VA, as a programmer/analyst for about 2-1/2 years. Redesigned and rewrote the Tire Uniformity data system; enhanced/expanded the Tire Curing system. Migrated from VAX/VMS to Alpha/OpenVMS. Then went back to Hollins University to run all of the systems. Currently run all Windows Servers, Unix servers (mostly Tru64 and Linux) and Oracle database. Also run DNS server, SMTP gateway, Exchange server, just built a wiki for the campus. Been very busy. Been back at Hollins since Jan 1999.

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